Ajata and Virginia were walking from the Cana cave of Jesus when a car pulled up and asked them where they were going.  
Ajata told the driver Ali, that they were going back to the “Memorial.”  Ali, said get in, I’ll take you there and he did. He also  
gave Ajata and Virginia a tour and explained what had happened.  After that, he gave the Founders a ride to another historic  
site and then back to the van that would return them to Beirut.

Ali, is an unpretentious business man and one of the people in Cana who spends part of his year doing business in Africa.

Note: Regarding Africans in Lebanon

Some years in Lebanon, a visitor will find a lot of people from South Indian, usually Tamil Nadu India, Ajata’s home state.   
Other years, there are a lot of Filipinos.  This year there were many women from Ethiopia, and from Africa. (One lovely  
Ethiopia young woman who traveled with Ajata and Virginia, was doing housekeeping in Beirut to put her sister through  
college. This unselfishness is very typical of Ethiopian extended families.

Another day Ajata and Virginia got off a bus in a small Druze village in the mountains looking for the Shrine of El Maqam El  
Sharif. They had no idea where to go.  They saw some young men talking in front of a shop and asked directions. One of  
the young men, said come with me. He had the Embrace Founders get into his car, not only did he take them to El Maqam  
El Sharif, he stopped along the way to take them to the Druze Shrine of Sarah. He waited for them at both shrines and then  
brought them back to the bus stop.

Lebanon certainly does not need the Embrace Founders to promote it. It  is packed with tourists for many months of the  
year. Suffice it to say, that it has a wealth of spirituality for those who chose to seek it among; mountain monasteries,  
Druze shrines, Shrines of Catholic saints, (such as the much beloved St. Charbel) and a wealth of Islamic shrines in the  
Bekkah Valley (Beqaa), the orthodox  churches, (St George's being the oldest church in Beirut), as usual, have a  
voluptuous grandeur.

Traveling in Lebanon 2018

St. George's Greek Orthodox Church (1764) Older Church of Complex- Downtown Beirut, Lebanon
Interior of El-Maqam El-Sharif  Shrine of  Imam Bahaa Ed-Din  el- Ta'i el-Samouqi (an author of the Epistles of Wisdom) - Aley Province - Lebanon
El-Maqam El-Sharif  Shrine of  Imam Bahaa Ed-Din  el- Ta'i el-Samouqi (an author of the Epistles of Wisdom) - Aley Province - Lebanon
Armenian Cathedral of St. Gregory - Beirut, Lebanon
View from St. George's Greek Orthodox Church to Mohammad Al-Amin Mosque- Beirut
Visitors to the Our Lady of Lebanon (Notre Dame du Liban) Maronite Catholic - Harissa, Lebanon
Our Lady of Lebanon (Notre Dame du Liban) Maronite Catholic - Harissa, Lebanon
Visitors to The Shrine of Mary - Our Lady of Lebanon (in Harissa) Mary or Miriam is Revered in the Qu'ran & Islam - 25 Kil. from Beirut
Emir Munzer Mosque (Originally 1616-1633) Downtown Beirut - Lebanon
View From - Our Lady of Lebanon (Notre Dame du Liban) Maronite Catholic - Harissa, Lebanon
The New Church of St. George's Greek Orthodox Complex - Downtown, Beirut
Mohammad Al-Amin Mosque- Downtown Beirut, Lebanon
Maronite Catholic Cathedral Looking Out at "Our Lady of Lebanon"  (Notre Dame du Liban) Statue - Harissa, Lebanon
Determined Peacemaker - Jesus (The Lamb of God) - St. George's Orthodox Church - Beirut, Lebanon
Very Large Bill Boards with Numerous Religous Leaders (Only 3 Shown) - Cana is Where the Bombing of a U.N. Shelter Slaughtered 110 Civilians  including babies & U.N. workers from the Philippines & Africa
Maronite Cathedral Next to "Our Lady of Lebanon" Statue - Harissa, Lebanon
Shrine of Lady Sarah, a Peacemaker & Niece of  Bahaa Ed-Din el-Ta'i el-Samouqi (an Author of the Epistles of Wisom- Druze Holy Book)- Dahr El Ahmar,  Beqaa - Lebanon
Armenian Cathedral of St. Gregory - Beirut, Lebanon
Ali, Our Kind Guide- Muḥarram (Ashura) Preparations at the Memorial Of Bombed U.N. Shelter - Cana, Lebanon
Cave Where the Miracle of the Wedding Took Place (Christian-New Testament) - Cana - Lebanon
St. George's Greek Orthodox Complex Two Churches Next to Each Other, Chapel Behind - Downtown Beirut, Lebanon
El-Maqam El-Sharif (Druze) Women Are Equal to Men- Glimpse of Their Dress  - Aley Province - Lebanon
Remembering the Innocent Civilians (some Filipinos, some Africans)- Intentionally  Targeted & Bombed in the United Nations Shelter by the Holy Land Government - Cana, Lebanon
St. George's Greek Orthodox Church Complex Lies on Top of and to the Side of Roman Ruins - Many Places in Beirut Ancient Ruins are Uncovered - Lebanon
Little Chaple Behind St. George Greek Orthodox Church Complex - Beirut, Lebanon
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Embrace Foundation International

This is the third trip for the Embrace Founders to Lebanon in recent years. Each time they have focused on different  
aspects of the country - see Lebanon 2012 in CELEBRATE HUMANITY and Current 2012 in the

The Embrace Founders have tremendous respect for all the Lebanese grassroots people and a great deal of admiration for  
them.  Obviously, Ajata and Virginia are not the only people who admire the Lebanese as they have more tourists from  
Europe and the Middle East than they know what to do with.

However, during these difficult times throughout the world, the Founders feel it is necessary not to gloss over certain  
situations which people in the United States, the Holy Land and Europe, whose governments have been  
responsible for much suffering should not be oblivious to. This in no way reflects on Lebanese civilians or the  
enjoyment visitors get while visiting many of their holy places.

Prologue on Lebanon

Ajata and Virginia  went to Lebanon in 2010, as well as in 2012 and 2018, but in 2010 things were quite tense since the Mossad had  
assassinated the Hamas leader in the Gulf while the Embrace founders were in Beirut. On that trip the Ajata and Virginia did not take  
many photos and although they met a Christian scholar who was researching and writing a history of Christianity in Lebanon they did  
not have time to avail themselves of his knowledge.

At that time, no one knew if another war was in the offing. The Embrace Founders cut their trip short in Lebanon and were speedily  
taken to their destination in Syria. As has often been the case in recent years, it was not a good time for Americans to be in many  
parts of the world due to America’s military offensives, support of the Holy Land politicos and CIA interference. This time Lebanon  
potentially was one of them.  Oddly enough, the situation was calm in Syria despite the fact that the U.S. institutional media had  
ramped-up its’ propaganda campaign against the Syrians generally labeling all grassroots Syrian people regardless of whether they  
were Christian, Shi’ah, Sunni or Kurds (Kurds have about 11 religious/ philosophical affiliations) as terrorists

By this time the entire world knows that the only terrorists for decades have been those  Sunnis trained, funded, armed  
and organized by the CIA, Mossad and Saudi government -(read members of the Royal Family and Uluma) - not Saudi  
grassroots people

Even Hamas and Hezbollah, who the Holy Land government and their minions in the United States  label as “terrorists” were initially  
organized, trained, armed and funded by the Mossad who wanted to use them to destroy the PLO.
Embrace has never heard of a rebel group, or just as often, a dictator, that has been funded, armed, organized and trained by  
intelligence agencies that has not ended up turning against these incredibly short-sighted bureaucratic schemers or the countries and  
the innocent grassroots people they claim untruthfully to represent.
It is important to note once again, Embrace does not support or endorse any government or anyone in politics  

We strongly support Jewish civilians uninvolved with foreign government lobbying or politics. The Embrace  
Founders themselves, have had close relationships, friendships and guidance from Jewish scholars, rebbes and  
rabbis  but we do not under any circumstance endorse the government in the Holy Land or it’s constant violation  
of international laws or human rights. The same can be said for our perspective on the United States.

Lebanon 2018

The hotel that Ajata and Virginia stayed at in Beirut was filled with Syrian families. This came as a total surprise and was  
not anticipated at all.

How information flows through some of the countries in the Middle East is almost beyond belief.   Although Virginia could be  
mistaken as a Canadian, New Zealander or an Irish citizen everyone at the hotel knew she had an American passport.
The breakfast room was tense.

(The same tension as the bus ride with Turkish people sympathetic to Syrian refugees and Syrian refugees themselves in  
Eastern Turkey, where Virginia made friends with a Sunni Syrian woman who had lost 25 people close to her)

Until, like on the Turkish bus, Virginia made a point of apologizing for the bombing that America’s media, defense  
contractors and military had instigated and initiated.

After that, everything relaxed.

In a room down the hall in Ajata and Virginia’s hotel, a young Syrian woman cried and cried. “I want to go home. I don’t want  
to be here.”


A restaurant set up for university students a few doors down from their Beirut hotel, was where Ajata and Virginia after  
traveling all over in the heat usually relaxed and took refuge in the evenings.

Their regular waiter was a Christian from Aleppo Syria with a university degree. He was also half Armenian. He thought  
however, that the Armenian government had turned down his Father’s application for immigration to get out of the war,  
because his Mother was Catholic, not an Orthodox Christian. Does discrimination and prejudice never end?

Ajata and Virginia asked him, why not stay in Lebanon?  He said that because the Syrian army had over-stayed its’ short  
welcome in Lebanon that lasted from 1976 - 2005, Lebanese were often unfriendly towards Syrian refugees and their plight.   
He said, of course this was not true of all of Lebanese, for instance the people who owned the restaurant, but although he  
was only a civilian and had nothing to do with the army, he often felt uncomfortable in Lebanon.  Actually, a primary reason  
he left Syria, was that he didn’t want to be inducted into the military.  He didn't want to kill anyone.

Perhaps the sort of Lebanese prejudice against Syrian civilians was why the young woman down the hall was crying and  
wanted to go home.

The waiter showed Ajata and Virginia photos of Aleppo where he and his friends used to hang out and then he showed  
them photos of the area after it was bombed. He was angry but  more than that he was frustrated and said he felt hopeless.  
(The Founders had heard the same thing from a restaurant owner and waiters in Antalya Turkey regarding the situation in  
Turkey, mainly economic. They were Muslims.) Before Ajata and Virginia were about to leave, their waiter wanted a group  
of his Syrian friends to come and meet them, but they probably didn’t believe that there was such a thing as a good  
American. They did not come.


Cana according to the Bible - New Testament, has the cave where Jesus turned water into wine for a wedding party.  
(There is a second Jesus miracle that many Muslims believe. In this interpretation wine is substituted for water which  
thirsty followers desperately need, as many Muslims do not drink alcohol but revere Jesus.)

It would be nice if the only story Ajata and Virginia had to tell about Cana was the story from the Bible, but the Embrace  
Founders promised they would tell the story of the Cana atrocity.

On April 18th, 1996 the Holy Land Military intentionally targeted civilians both Lebanese and United Nations workers (the  
Founders were told the U.N. workers were from the Philippines and Africa) in a United Nations compound and shelter.  
They also bombed a garden and connected area behind the United Nations compound killing additional people.
A memorial was dedicated to the innocents who died there. A photo is above.

Amnesty International concluded, "the IDF intentionally attacked the UN compound...”  

Human Rights Watch: "The decision of those who planned the attack to choose a mix of high - explosive artillery shells  
that included deadly anti-personnel shells designed to maximize injuries on the ground-and the sustained firing of such  
shells, without warning, in close proximity to a large concentration of civilians - violated a key principle of international  
humanitarian law. . .

The UN appointed military advisor Major-General Franklin van Kappen of the Netherlands: “Contrary to repeated  
denials, two Israeli helicopters and a remotely piloted vehicle were present in the Qana area at the time of the shelling.  
While the possibility cannot be ruled out completely, it is unlikely that the shelling of the United Nations compound was the  
result of gross technical and/or procedural errors “

There is considerably more negative testimony, but readers can investigate it for themselves.

On 30th July 2006, the Holy Land Military again targeted Cana hitting a civilian apartment buildingHuman Rights  
Watch confirmed that 28 died, of whom 16 were children. The dead were wearing clothes for sleeping.

Cana is hardly the only time the Holy Land military has intentionally targeted the United Nations, in recent years:

1.)  January 15th 2009    Israel ignored repeated warnings from UN staff before hitting the main UN compound in Gaza with white phosphorus shells on

2.)    August 3rd 2014. The Holy Land Military intentionally bombed a United Nations school in Gaza.

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