Traveling in Georgia 2018

Tblisi Street Scene - Tblisi, Georgia
Gelati Monastery (12th Cen. -1106 A.D.) - Georgia
Kutaisi Street Scene Near Bridge - Georgia
Monastery of Davit Gareja - Active with Monks - Border Azerbaijan & Georgia
Ceiling from the Great Tblisi Synagogue - Tblisi, Georgia
Sioni Cathedral (Originally 6th-7th Cen. A.D.) Home of the Sacred Cross of St. Nino (Female Saint)  - Tblisi, Georgia
The Great Tblisi Synagogue - Design are the Tablets of the 10 Commandments & Menorahs (of Moses) - Tblisis, Georgia
Loving Big Brother with Little Sister - On the Way Up the Hill Towards Bagrati Cathedral - Kutaisi, Georgia
Curtain (Parochet) Covering Torah (For Christians: Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers, and Deuteronomy) Scrolls - Beit Rachel Synagogue- Tblisi, Georgia
Svetitskhoveli Cathedral (Originally 4th Cen. A.D.) Orthodox Christian - Mtskheta, Georgia
Davit Gareja Caves Housed Military During Conflict & Suffered Additional Damage - (Christian - Originally 6th Century )- Border between Azerbaijan & Georgia
Beit Rachel (Synagogue)Temple  -Chair of Prophet Elijah - Elijah Is Invited to All Passover Seders & Circumcisions -Tblisi, Georgia
Anchiskati Basilica (6th Cen.) - A Muslim Family of Tourists Enjoy Exploring It - Tblisi, Georgia
Gelati Monastery - (12th Cen. 1106 A.D.) - Georgian Orthodox Christian - Georgia
Ajata Enjoying an Interior of the Gelati Monastery - Georgia
Jvari Church (4th Cen. A.D.) King Miriam erected A Cross After His Converion by St. Nino - Mtskheta, Georgia
Scupture of Boris Dov Gaponov (Writer & Translator- 1934 -1972) in front of the Kutaisi Synagogue - Kutaisi, Georgia
Gelati Monastery - (12th Cen. 1106 A.D.) - Georgian Orthodox Christian - Georgia
View from Bridge in the Middle of Kutaisi - Georgia
Colchis Fountain, Kutaisi, Georgia
Bagrati Cathedral (1003 A.D.) Kudasi, Georgia
View from Top Ridge at Davit Garaj Caves (Christian - Border of Azerbaijan & Georgia (Accessible from Georgia)
Kutaisi Synogogue (Orthodox 1885) - It is believed that Jews came to Georgia around  586 B.C. -  Kutaisi, Georgia
Bagrati Cathedral (1003 A.D.) Kudasi, Georgia
Virginia Very, Very HOT - Caught Trying to Take  Photo Before Continuing the Steep Climb of Davit Gareja -( Christian Caves -Originally 6th Cen. ) - - Border of Azerbaijan & Georgia
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Georgia is beautiful, soulful and captures both the heart and imagination. . .Anyone that can visit it, should definitely do so.  It  
is a microcosm of what is developing worldwide. Those who read this may gain a clearer insight into aspects of what may  
be happening in their own countries, even in some parts of Africa.

There are many human interactions and real dichotomies occuring in Georgia at this time in history and they should all be  
addressed;  Very Old Communities of Georgians - Christians and Jews, Russians, Iranians buying property, Saudi tourists  
in large numbers . . .

Georgia could be a meeting place and a new hope for inter-cultural and inter-religious dialogue. A major world  
event of music, dance, food, arts, crafts could bring people around the world to Georgia for glimpse of a new age.   
Such an event would enable people within the country to have the opportunity to learn about each other in an  
open and joyful exchange.

Georgians - Their Land and Jobs

Many Georgians have waited a long time to be able to buy property and have private businesses. The economy like most  
economies world-wide including the United States is trying to cope. (Remember that the Stock Exchange does not  
represent the millions of American’s unemployed or greatly under-employed or homeless)

In 2017 there was a large demonstration against illegal immigrants and there is a feeling of resentment when some  
Georgians bid on property and are outbid by foreigners, such as Iranians, who we are told, are buying large amounts of real  
estate in Georgia. (The Georgian government has allowed foreigners to buy real estate in order to bring in much needed  
capital.) The Georgian people have a strong identity and have waited many years to be able to express their independence  
and sovereignty so feelings can run strong with regard to this issue.

We met a young man who has lived and worked in Germany ostensibly so that he could save money to return to Georgia  
and buy property. By the time he has enough money, he worries whether there will be property to purchase.

The question has to be asked; how do the Germans feel about a Georgian taking jobs away from Germans? Will he stay in  
Germany and buy property there? He already has a sister and her family living in Germany permanently.

A  Few Questions:

The worries and concerns of people in every country come full circle.

1.) Who do governments represent?
a. The tax payers within a border?

2.) Can a government exist without a border?

3.)Who are the taxes collected within a border for:

a. the people within the border,

b. the government officials,
c.or anyone from anywhere whether they pay taxes or not?

(The above is not refering to refugees, especially ones that a government has been complicit in bombing out of their  

Georgia & Georgian-Russian Citizens

Given that Georgia was a part of the Soviet Union from 1921 -1991, there are Russians who became Georgians during that  
time period. There are also young people of Russian descent who were born in Georgia and know only a Georgian way of  

Are There Really Russians in Georgia?

“Some in Georgia's prevailing political and intellectual elites seem to deny the existence of ethnic Russians altogether .  
. .

On the one hand, these denials may simply reflect political expedience. Acknowledging the presence of naturalised or  
native-born ethnic Russians in Georgia might risk lending credence to the “compatriots policy” introduced by the Russian  
government in recent years to justify intervention in defense of its kin - ambiguously defined by ethnicity, citizenship or  
language - in the near abroad.” - Jason Strakes

Russians & The Georgian Orthodox Church

Previous Czarist and Soviet governments that either interfered with or oppressed the Georgian Orthodox Church, have  
never reflected the values of the grassroots Russian people and so it was hardly surprising that the Embrace Founders  
saw devout Russians  (especially women) praying in many Georgian Orthodox Churches. For younger people of Russian  
descent, the Georgian churches are the only ones they’ve ever known. In general, there is very little difference between  
Georgian and Russian Orthodox traditions. Language and national founding saints being the exception.

What The Embrace Founders Saw -

In the central park of Kutaisi, retired Russian men seemed jovial and kind-hearted. Sharing a park bench four of them  
somehow managed to fit in a fifth friend, talking and laughing and smiling helpfully to anyone that might need their  
assistance.  They ran interference for Ajata and Virginia  sitting across from them from a disturbed women who wanted  
something, but we could not understand. They seemed to try to make themselves available when we were lost. In short  
they were just nice people.

Kutaisi - Downtown - What is Going On?

There are two restaurants in Kutaisi that are especially popular with Westerners; Palaty and Baraqa.  One day while eating  
lunch at Palaty Restaurant, the Founders saw their petite waitress looking extremely distressed as she gazed out the front  
window. There they saw a man who definitely was menacing and built something like compact tank.  The waitress fled to  
the kitchen and wouldn’t come back out. A young man vigilantly keeping an eye on the window, replaced her.

A day or so later Ajata and Virginia went for a second time to Baraqa Restaurant. The Founders saw a notice on the  
entrance door to Baraqa. A notice they had not seen previously, The notice stated something about Russians not being  
welcomed in Georgia.

In the corner of the restaurant was a group of men similar to the one who terrified our waitress at Palaty Restaurant. In fact,  
Virginia thought one of the men was the same one standing outside the Palaty Restaurant when the waitress became  

Ajata and Virginia ruminated over this notice and the group of men. This was a puzzle. Was there a connection between the  
men and the new notice on the door?

Which Russians did the notice mean?

1.) The ones born in Georgia

2.) The ones that spent their whole lives in Georgia?

3.)  Military incursions from Russia?

Were the owners of Baraqa,  Abkhazians who have fled from Russia’s recent dominance in the area? And who were these  
guys in black tee shirts that looked like what the Irish call “Hard” men. The waitress at Baraqa didn’t seem to like them  
either. The Embrace Founders don’t know who these men were or why they terrified waitresses, but since leaving Georgia  
we’ve discovered that Georgia has one of the most violent mafias in the world and the Kutaisi branch is the worst of the  
worst. At one time the Georgian mafia was in control of paramilitary groups in Abkhazians, so we’ll leave this episode for  
others to ponder.

One last note on Kutaisi, mafias aside, it is a wonderful city and area and missing it and the Gelati Monastery would be a  
tremendous loss.

The Georgian Jewish Community

The Founders were delighted to find a dynamic and very, very old Jewish Community in Tbilisi (of Gurjim or Ebraeli Jews)  
who some scholars believe came to  Georgia after 586 B.C. (in the 6th century B.C.) This of course,is even earlier than  
Christianity. Much later Ashkenazi Jews came from Russia.

Ajata and Virginia were particularly touched to see the respect that the “The Tblisi Great Synagogue” shows it’s past  
orthodox rabbis, rebbes (if they had Hassidim among them)  and scholars and in additiion, the fact that it has been able to  
embrace both Ashkenazi and Sephardic sensiblities.

People who choose a life time of dedication to the “spiritual” and are willing to endure poverty for the sake of wisdom, are  
people that the Embrace Founders believe have understood one of the things that is truly important in life. Learning, whether  
it is scholarly like those who continually study the Tanaka , Mishnah and Kabbalah or whether it is experiental like the  
Hassidic practises is a continual process. All people that are learned may not agree but it is important to pursue that which  
may lead to wisdom.


The Christian Churches and Monasteries in Georgia will erase time and transport you into another world.  They are magic.  
Not because they are perfect, but because they perfectly reflect the exuberance and pathos of trying to express faith, keep  
faith and enjoy faith against   the odds in an ever changing political environment. It is more than anything, the chipped,  
scraped and defaced colored painting that tell the story best.

Anyone, who is a Christian that wants to go on a pilgrimmage, should include Georgia because Georgia was one of the  
earliest countries to become Christian and it can not help but touch you.

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