Traveling in Azerbaijan 2018

Entrance to Ateshgah Fire Temple - Zoroasrian (7th-10th Cen) -(Later Hindu, SIkh 18th Cen.) - Azerbaijan
Street Scene -Baku City, Azerbaijan
Mir Movsom Ziyaratgah - Mosque & Shrine Complex (Saint) Shia'h -Shuvelan, Azerbaijan
Mirror Mosaic -Mir Movsom Ziyaratgah - Mosque & Shrine Complex (Saint) Shia'h -Shuvelan, Azerbaijan
Beautiful Government Building - Baku, Azerbaijan
Mir Movsom Ziyaratgah - Mosque & Shrine Complex (Saint) Shia'h - Shuvelan, Azerbaijan
Ateshgah Fire Temple - Zoroasrian (7th-10th Cen) -(Later Hindu 18th Cen.) - Azerbaijan
Much of  Dənizkənarı Milli Park is Lush - This Area Has Desert Plantings -The Walkway (4 Kil. -2.85 Mi. Long) - Baku, Azerbaijan
Door to Meditation Cell at Ateshgah Fire Temple - Zoroasrian (7th-10th Cen) -(Later Hindu 18th Cen.) - Azerbaijan
Azerbaijan has Some Remarkable Contemporaty Architecture - The Flame Towers - Baku, Azerbaijan
Ateshgah Fire Temple Fires Came from Natural Gas Below the Ground - Zoroasrian (7th-10th Cen)  (Hindu 18th Cen.) - Azerbaijan
Dənizkənarı Milli Park -Has a Walkway 4 Kil along the Bay -an  amusement park, yacht club, fountains, and  statues - Baku, Azerbaijan
Ateshgah Fire Temple - Zoroasrian (7th-10th Cen) -(Later Hindu 18th Cen.) - Azerbaijan
Azerbaijan has Some Remarkable Contemporary Architecture - Widely Spaced Amoung Greens & Traditional Architecture It Is Stunning - Baku, Azerbaijan
Street Sceme - Baku, Azerbaijan
Mystery - Maidens Tower (Belived 12th Cen.) Unknown Purpose - Some Believe Zoroastrian Tower - Bacu, Azerbaijan
Mir Movsom Ziyaratgah - Mosque & Shrine Complex (Saint) Shia'h -Shuvelan, Azerbaijan
Siniq Qala Mosque (Mohammad Mosque 1178-1779) - In the "Old City" UNESCO World Heritage Site- Bacu, Azerbaijan
Many Mirrors in the Mir Movsom Ziyaratgah - Mosque & Shrine Complex (Saint) Shia'h -Shuvelan, Azerbaijan
Young Azerbaijani Friend(s) in One Of The City Parks - Baku City, Azerbaijan
Old City - UNESCO Site - Bacu, Azerbaijan
Dənizkənarı Milli Park Along the Bay (4Kil. -2.85 Mi. Long) - A Wonderful Location to Relax - Bacu, Azerbaijan
Siniq Qala Mosque Minaret (1178-1779) - In the "Old City "Very Narrow Alley- Bacu, Azerbaijan
"UNESCO Site"  Old City - Baku, Azeraijan
Mir Movsom Ziyaratgah - Mosque & Shrine Complex (Saint) Shia'h -Shuvelan, Azerbaijan
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Azerbaijan is a small, prosperous country with abundant oil supplies which puts it in an enviable position in this present age.   
The leadership seems to have taken some of the best cultural and innovative developments from the West and put their  
own stamp on it. Making Azerbaijan easy to travel in for Westerners who are not experienced travelers and wealthy Gulf and  
Saudi nationals. Yet it retains its’ own culture and beliefs. Bacu is an international city by all accounts but an easy-going,  
comfortable one.  The people, in general, are very helpful and likable.

Every once in a while a visitor may get a throwback to the Soviet era, when your inn doesn’t fix a broken shower the day it  
says it will, and then spends the entire following day filling your bathroom with workmen. Guests it is thought should be glad  
that they even have a room, after all you were given a triple bedroom when you requested a double.

Entrepreneurship is not always what it is for customers in Asia, the Gulf and in the West. The proprietors and employees  
are always very personable, but they still may not understand why a guest might want to come back to their room  
sometime during the daylight in two days.

For those who stay in international hotel chains, this of course, will not be the case and it is not likely that the above  
experience will not be repeated by anyone, in any inn or hotel in Bacu in another year or two. The people of Bacu are savvy  
and it doesn’t take long for them to figure out the best way to accommodate tourists.


Those who love old French architecture or reproductions of it, such as that recreated in the heart of Beirut, will love Bacu  
and those who love cutting edge architecture will be impressed by some really magnificent edifices to the “new.”
However, the best part of Bacu is that the setting for new architecture is treated like pieces of art. They are placed  
strategically amidst the traditional so it does not become redundant or overwhelming. A visitor can stand back and really  
see the whole building and appreciate it.

Dənizkənarı Milli Park

Since the Founders had to spend two days during working hours out of their room at the inn, they had plenty of opportunity  
to walk throughout the magnificent (Baku Bayside Park.) People with children can have a delightful time here.  There  
are rides for children, exotic plants, lawns, a promanade along the bay that can be walked or jogged for 3 kilometers (2.85  
miles) one way. It has numerous restaurants, or food stands, fountains (one is supposed to be musical) and sculptures. It’s  
a great place just to watch people.  It has a vibrant, lit up night life also, when the heat is much reduced.

Ateshgah Fire Temple

The main reason, the Embrace Founders went to Azerbaijan was to see the Ateshgah Fire Temple and the Mir Movsom  
Ziyaratgah - Mosque & Shrine Complex. Professor K.D. Irani, a Zoroastrian scholar and professor of philosophy at the City  
University of New York, was one of Embrace Foundation’s Founding Board Directors and a personal friend of Ajata and  
Virginia.  Since so many Zoroastrian (in India “Parsi”) temples and shrines have been destroyed, they were very curious  
about this one.  

Despite the fact, that the current structure was built by Shivite (Hindus) in the 18th century. Many Zoroastrians (India -  
“Parsi”) travel to the Ateshgah Fire Temple from India, primarily Mumbai, where most live.

Hindus & Sikhs At the Ateshgah Fire Temple

Some scholars claim that the Ateshgah Temple was also used by the Sikhs but the Founders think that this is most likely  
Sikhs have helped or collaborated with Hindus when living out of India with funds or support for their spiritual enterprises but  
it would be a radical departure for Sikhs to consider “Agni” or fire a focus of devotion. All Sikh temples must keep a copy of  
their Holy Book the "Gurugrantha Sahib" in their temple or "Gurdwara". Their emphasis is on the Holy Name “Sat Nam” not  
on visuals. However, Sikhs do go to Hindu temples and show their respect all over India all the time, but as an addition to  
going to their own Gurdwara. 

Some of the script found at Ateshgah is carved is in Gurumuki. Gurumuki is the sacred language of the Sikhs (like Sanskrit  
is for Hindus.) It could be that Sikh traders contributed to the building of the temple and were being honored. Hindus also  
may have come from the Punjab that knew Gurumuki. In the state of Punjab, inter-marriage beween Hindus and Sikhs is  
not uncommon.

Lastly, Sikhs may have gone to the temple along with going to their own Gurdhwara which they often do today, as a part of  
their ecumenism. The Hindu monks may have wanted to honor their contribution by having a carved acknowledgement in  
the Sikh sacred language.  

There is a modern temple in the U.A.E. that both Hindus and Sikhs share. The U.A.E. temple  contains both the  
Gurugrantha Sahib and items of Hindu spiritual focus.

Mir Movsom Ziyaratgah - Mosque & Shrine

This is an incredible tribute to a saint, who though physically challenged, was responsible for the healing of many people  
and of many miracles.

Nearly every person in Azerbaijan who is a Muslim love him.

Above you will see five photos of the amazing memorial the people built in honor of him.  More photos will be uploaded to  

To go to Azerbaijan and not see this beautiful dedication to love, would be tragic.

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