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Traveling in Oman

Oman is developing in a wise and considered manner. Much thought and planning seems to have gone into laying the groundwork for Oman’s development. It is evident in the city landscaping, which is beautiful - even the placement of sculptures along the corniche (the mosaic walkway along the ocean front) are done in an artistic manner.

Muscat also has beautifully landscaped grounds for large events. This is where the International Festival of Handicrafts and the Omani Heritage Festival are held. These are places that whole families can come to and enjoy together.

One of the misconceptions of the Middle East that Westerns seem to have, is that Islamic women go around in dark or drab abeyas or chadors all the time. This is quite untrue. Covering oneself in public and with strangers is one thing but women of the Middle East love beautiful colorful clothes. This is as true in Syria and Jordan as it is in Oman and the rest of the Middle East. They also have innovative designers. Here is a photo of an evening gown covered entirely in peacock feathers and photos of many of the other glamous gowns women of the Middle East wear.

If you have already read our CURRENT section, then you have been introduced to Hamid and Salim. Although they live in the further outposts of Omani desert within a large extended family compound (with 20 camels- so they tell us) they drive a SUV, speak very good English, have internet and cable television. In Oman we saw the best selection of television programming we’ve seen anywhere. They have over 400 channels and none of it gratuitous violence or insulting to one’s intelligence.

Again, Westerners should keep in mind that Oman has no oil wealth and no resources except the ocean. Whatever, they have they have from work, planning and common sense.

Last, but not least we’ve heard that Oman is going to be home to an extended IIT campus from India, where some of the best computer programmers and entrepreneurs in the world come from. We look forward to hearing about the new Omani computer industry.
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